Send Lohri Messages, Cards and Wishes

Happy Lohri Happy Lohri Happy Lohri
Mukai ka dana..
Sunder Mundriya ho...
Sardi ki thartharahat mein..
Happy Lohri Happy Lohri Happy Lohri
Happy lohri....
Mithaa gurh te vich..
Happy Lohri to you..
May this festival of lohri fill your life, with lots of energy and enthusiasm, and may it bring happiness and prosperity, to you and your loved ones
Happy Lohri!

Sardi ki thartharahat mein,
moongfali, rewari aur gur ki mithas ke saath,
Lohri mubaarak ho aapko
dosti aur rishtey ki garmahat ke saath

Hope you enjoy many moments of
happiness and be jolly
as you sing and dance
around the bonfire
Happy Lohri to you!

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